The world of fake coursera certificates

The world of fake coursera certificates

Coursera is an online platform that allows you to study and get certified on a variety of topics. It’s what’s called a “MOOC” or Massive Open Online Courses platform.

I ran into a service in the darkweb offering verifiable coursera certificates for a fee.(they 100% look like they came from coursera, and you an even verify their authenticity) prices started from $10.

This is the image they used to advertise their services:

Fake Verifiable Coursera Certificates

I like a good security vulnerability as much as the next guy, so I got curious. Is this due to a vulnerability? If so, I’m gonna try to get the guy to fess up, and then I’ll simply report it to coursera and my good deed for the day is done.

I add him on skype.

Me: “Hey, I’m here for the coursera certificates”

Him: “Hey. Yes. I can give you all the premium courses, Google IT, CISCO Networking, Python, etc”

Me: “Can I get an example to see if it’s verifiable?”


I look up the name on the certificate on Linkedin, lo-and behold:


CVs and certificates aren’t always accurate, especially when things can be faked so easily. screens for ability. If someone can apply via us, they are much more likely to be able to implement working software.

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